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Veteran’s Day: How Military Crisis Training Influences our Fast IT Solutions

I am connecting what matters employee Derek Shaw
Posted 11/09/2020 by Liz Andert, Corporate Digital Marketing Manager

What does it mean to be a veteran in today’s commercial workspaces? H.B. Fuller learns from its employees as they address modern crises through strong leadership, innovation, and teamwork. From supporting rocket launch programs in the United States Air Force to IT management during the COVID-19 pandemic, our employees continue to power through unprecedented changes to provide customers with reliably fast service.

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The Smart Home of the Future

Smart Home kitchen island with devices
Posted 11/05/2020 by H.B. Fuller

The future of homes lies in personal and family preferences for living spaces. Homeowners have found that there is a vast potential for emerging technologies in homebuilding, and the speed at which houses are built and outfitted with cutting-edge advancements is increasing rapidly. Underlying the technology boom are adhesives that help make the homes of the future possible.

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Replacing Mechanical Fasteners with Adhesive Systems

Weldmount adhesive application with glue gun
Posted 10/26/2020 by Mark Porter, Knut Goeke, Lei Zhang

Manufacturers are more than comfortable using traditional mechanical fasteners in joining materials. In the construction of some products, however, this method may not be the most practical. In certain assemblies, using mechanical fasteners can limit options for materials, lead to eventual fatigue, and drive up labor, processing, and material costs.

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LG Science Park with Kodispace 4SG Warm Edge System

LG Science Park building photo
Posted 10/22/2020 by Dr. Christian Scherer, Head of Business Development Glass

In the west of the metropolis of Seoul, the globally active LG group is pooling its research and development departments. Around 22,000 employees are already working in the new LG science park and are developing solutions for a new era in the age of digitization and Industry 4.0. So far, 20 buildings have been built on the campus under the leadership of the internationally active architecture office HOK. 

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Solving Sticky Situations with Customized Adhesive Solutions

H.B. Fuller lab worker in white jacket
Posted 10/16/2020 by Andrew Stooksbury, Manager, Global Technology

With a focus on innovation, H.B. Fuller strives to consistently deliver industry-leading adhesives to our customers. In order to achieve this goal, we do more than provide premium products — we also offer customized solutions for any manufacturing need. Using our decades of technical and industry-specific experience, we find solutions for our customers’ most difficult challenges.

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