Adhesives for eyelash extensions
Eyelash extension adhesive application.

Eyelash Adhesives

Consistent, fast-setting
and long-lasting

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At H.B. Fuller, we supply materials to beauty product manufacturers that help them differentiate products for private label and brand owners.

We offer products that are consistent and high quality. In fact, all of our beauty adhesives are certified to ISO-10993 regulations, which are also used in medical applications. These products meet rigorous safety requirements.

As a global market leader in adhesives, we have the breadth and depth to leverage our technology strengths to formulate and manufacture cosmetic and beauty products to meet the broad needs of consumers. From adhesives for lash extensions to UV curing adhesives for no-chip gel nail polish to cosmetic packaging for lipstick and eyeshadow, our experts will customize our technologies to meet your specifications.
Cyanoacrylate adhesives, also known as "super glues" or “instant adhesives” due to their extraordinary adhesion profile, are one component, solvent free, very fast setting adhesives. H.B. Fuller offers cyanoacrylate adhesives for beauty applications, which include eyelash extensions, brow extensions and hair extensions.  

UV adhesives and light curing adhesives, which include UV cyanoacrylates and UV acrylic adhesives, are used in a variety of beauty and cosmetic applications. H.B. Fuller is a leader in customization for formulas in the beauty segment. Beauty applications for UV curing adhesives include gel nail polish, eyeliner pencils and decorative glassware.

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